How to Copy Characters in Gacha Life 2 [Import & Export]

How to Copy Characters in Gacha Life 2

Hey there, Gacha fans! Ever found yourself completely in love with a character you’ve created in Gacha Life 2, wishing you could replicate them for various scenes or share them with your friends? Well, guess what? You absolutely can! Today, I’m going to break down the steps on how to copy characters in Gacha Life 2.

Yep, I am talking about the super handy import/export feature that’s going to change the way you manage your Gacha characters!

Why Copy Characters in Gacha Life 2 Anyway?

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s talk a bit about why you might want to copy characters in Gacha Life 2. Here’s why I’ve found this feature super useful:

  • Creating different versions: Sometimes, I want the same character but in different outfits or maybe with a different expression. Copying them makes this a breeze!
  • Sharing with others: Got a character your friends adore? Share it with them without any hassle.
  • Storytelling made easy: Need the same character in different scenes of your story? Just copy them instead of starting from square one.
  • Backup: I can’t stress this enough! Having a backup of your beloved characters saves heartache if you ever lose your game data.
  • Custom creations: Crafting a character for specific scenarios, like roleplays or fan art projects, has never been easier.

Copy Characters in Gacha Life 2

Ready to become a pro at this? Here’s how you can copy characters in Gacha Life 2 using the import/export feature:

Exporting Your Gacha Life 2 Character

So, you’re ready to send your character out into the world or just keep a safe copy? Let’s export!

  • Fire up Gacha Life 2 and choose the character you want to export.
  • Hit the “Profile button” (you’ll find it chilling in the bottom right corner).
  • Tap “Import/Export.”
  • There’s the “Export” button, right under the Export Character section. Go on, click it!
  • Voilà! You’ll see a unique set of 9 character IDs. Tap on “copy” to grab this code. You can now share it with your buddies or keep it safe.
How to Export Gacha Life 2 Characters

Importing a Gacha Life 2 Character

Received a cool character from a friend or found one in the community then to import! Follow the below steps:

  • Launch Gacha Life 2 and tap on Profile at the bottom right.
  • Tap “Import/Export.”
  • Now, you can see 9 character IDs for your character and tap on “copy.”
  • Hit “Import“, save the character, and start enjoying your new buddy!
How to Import Gacha Life 2 Characters

And there you have it! That’s how you copy characters in Gacha Life 2, making your Gacha experience more streamlined and fun. Remember, the import/export feature is your go-to tool for character management, whether you’re creating variations, or sharing with friends.


How many characters can you customize in Gacha Life 2?

You can customize up to 300 characters in Gacha Life 2. This is a significant increase from the 20-character slots in Gacha Life.

What customization options do we have in Gacha Life 2?

In Gacha Life 2, you can easily make your own character. You get to pick the body, skin, hair, eyes, face, clothes, and more. You can even move things around and pose your character how you like!

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